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When Can I Expect to Get Back to My Former Life after Surgery?

When Can I Expect to Get Back to My Former Level of Activity after Surgery?

After SurgeryYou lead an active lifestyle that’s an integral part of your quality of life. Unfortunately, that often involves injury—it’s all just a part of the game. But when you’ve suffered the type of injury that requires surgery, one of your first concerns will typically be “when can I get back in the game?”

Not surprisingly, there’s no hard and fast answer to that question. Every surgical procedure is unique, so the criteria that help determine how long you’ll need to recover and what type of treatment or therapy will best work for you will vary as well. Here are some recommendations, though, to help you maximize your chances of full recovery while minimizing the length of time it takes to heal.

Let Your Surgeon Be Your Guide

There’s one person who understands your injury, the surgical process and your needs during convalescence better than anyone else—your surgeon. Resist the urge to look for remedies online or to get recommendations from a friend who just happens to be a physical therapist or rehab specialist. Unless they’ve seen your charts, they can’t have anywhere near the knowledge of your injury that your surgeon has. Your surgeon will know what your body can handle and the potential risks of different types of treatment. When you undergo other treatment options without consulting your surgeon, you risk complications that could set you back.

It’s a fundamental rule—the more invasive your surgery is, the longer it will typically take to heal and get back to normal activities. The recovery time from an arthroscopic procedure may be as short as a few weeks, whereas open surgery can take months of recovery time.

The Best Way to Heal Fast—Listen and Follow

One thing is pretty certain—you’ll have a better chance of a quicker recovery if you pay close attention to what your surgeon tells you and you follow his or her recommendations. Make certain you do the minimal amount prescribed, but be careful not to push it without consulting your surgeon. It may seem like more is better (and will help you heal sooner), but it may put unhealthy stress on your body, particularly the areas that were subject to surgery.

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